Undergraduate Workterm Reports

Containerized cloud scheduling environment T. Weiss-Gibbons Dec 2017
Web Application for Visualizing Benchmarks
& Resource Accounting
J. Weldon April 2017
Dynamic Monitoring and Alerting for High Throughput Computing Clouds D. Ring April 2016
Benchmarking the Performance of IaaS Clouds for HEP Applications M. Murray Aug 2015
Dynamic Squid Web Cache Monitoring R. Prior Dec 2013
Shoal: IaaS Cloud Cache Publisher M. Chester April 2013
Hadoop Distributed File System Propagation Adapter for Nimbus
M. Vliet Aug 2010
Dynamic Resource Distribution Across Clouds
M. Paterson Apr 2010
Cloud Aggregator: Improving the Nimbus Monitoring System
A. Bishop Apr 2010
Evaluation of Nagios for Real-time Cloud Virtual Machine Monitoring
M. Paterson Dec 2009
The CERN Virtual Machine and Cloud Computing V. Sandhu Dec 2009
Creating and Controling KVM guest using libvirt M.Vilet Apr 2009
The Differences in Globus 4.2 C. Uhlman Dec 2008
Monitoring Grid Virtual Machine deployments M. Paterson Dec 2008
Condor Web Services Submission of Jobs to a Computational Grid S. Manning Sep 2008
Integration of Globus Virtual Workspaces and LRMS using the Workspace Pilot D. Bartle Sep 2007
Xen-based Grid Computing Cluster and Condor SOAP Client S. Gong Sep 2007
Developing a Monitoring Database for a Computing Grid S. Schaffer Sep 2007
Running BaBar Applications with a Web-Services Based Grid T. Sullivan Apr 2007
AutoXen: Automating Virtual Machine Deployment Within the Grid A. Norton Dec 2006
Deploying a J2EE Application Using Java WebStart S. Popov Dec 2006
Building a Scheduler Adapter for the GridWay Metascheduler P. Armstrong Aug 2006
Greater Demands on Computational Grids: Can Web Services Facilitate Global Grid Expansion? S. Ramage Aug 2006
Monitoring Grid X1 C. Usher Apr 2006
Evaluation of Virtual Machines for HEP Grids A. Norton Dec 2005
Grid Monitoring M. Yuen Apr 2005
The GridX1 Monitoring Framework A. Matthews Dec 2004
Preparing the Grid for Scientific Applications C. Lindsay Aug 2004
Extending Grid Computing in Canada: Federating Grid Canada and LCG A. Dimopoulos Apr 2004
Running ATLAS Experiment Simulations on a Grid Environment L. Klektau Dec 2003
Optimization of Job Assignment on a Computational Grid D. Vanderster Aug 2003
Running ATLAS On The Grid Canada Testbed M. Benning Apr 2003
Running ATLAS Experiment Simulations on a Grid Environment J. Allan Apr 2003
Grid Computing using Particle Physics Applications D. Vanderster Dec 2002
Building the UVic Grid Testbed G. Smecher Apr 2002